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XSZ Series Microscopes


Multiviewing Microscope

2x Binocular (2 viewers)
4 achromatic Objectives


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Multiviewing Microscope

1x Binocular, 2X monocular (3 viewers)
4 achromatic Objectives


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Multiviewing Microscope

5x Binocular (5 viewers)
4 achromatic Objectives


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XSZ Series Accessories


Extended Warranty

Extended from 12 months to 24 months
return to factory, free parts and labor excludes shipping costs


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See also these important accessories:

Microscopy Imaging
GX Optical ADVICE - Attaching Cameras to a Microscope
In our product list you will see c-mount cameras and eyepiece cameras
C-Mount cameras normally require a c-mount adapter and a microscope with a  trinocular head
However, some c-mount cameras (eg Moticams) are supplied with a set of eyepiece adapters which allows you to attach them to an eyepiece of a microscope, therefore you do not require a trinocular head microscope.  Although a less convenient way to mount a camera the results are still very good.

GXM Cameras for Microscopy Prices

Mcroscopy Software Prices

GX M icroscopes Digital Camera Adapter Datasheet


Slides, Coverslips, Pre-prepared Slide Mounted Specimens & Calibration Scales
GX Optical ADVICE - Different Types of Slides
You can use any upright or inverted biological microscope to look at slides. Stereo (also known as dissecting) microscopes are not usually used for looking at slides.
There are essentially 3 main types of slides:
Plain - simple glass slides for placing transparent objects onto, often covered by a coverslip (sometimes known as coverglass)
Frosted End - same as Plain slides but they have a frosted area on which you can write
Well - slides with a recessed well (or 2) used for holding liquids such as pond water

Prepared slides have specimens mounted on them.  We normally stock Series 1 of Histology, Zoology and Botany for immediate delivery.

Stage graticules are required for calibrating image analysis software

GXM Consumables for Microscopy Prices

GXM Prepared Slides Prices

GXM Stage Graticules/Scales/Micrometers Prices

GX Microscopes Slide Storage Boxes Prices

Mechanical, motorized, heated and gliding stages for use with microscopes

GXM Stages

GXM Heated Stages Prices



Parts and Accessories

GX Optical 5 in 1 Microscope Cleaning Kit Prices




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GXM XSZ Series Datasheet

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